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Rangers outfielder Delino DeShields Jr. paid an awesome tribute to his dad with his cleats on Father’s Day

Delino DeShields Jr. is an outfielder for the Texas Rangers, and it seems like just about every Fathers’ Day, he has some great pronouncement about how his wonderful his dad, 13-year MLB veteran Delino DeShields, was as a father.

This was what DeShields Jr. posted in 2013.

And in 2015.

As most of you know this is my pops. I can say alot about this man. But I’ll try to stay short. My dad is the reason I’m so fortunate to be where I’m at this point in my life. He’s been an example and a role model to me my entire being. You know growing up as a son you want to grow up and be like your dad. It’s humbling now to understand what it’s like and I really believe over the course of my life our relationship continues to grow stronger and stronger. My dad and I have been through a lot together and I can’t lie it was hard being away from him when he was still playing ball. But I get it now. I understand his role that he has always played in my life. And looking back on things I wouldn’t change a thing. You along with my mom brought me into this world and without you Idk who I’d be. To my dad and my mentor I love you and I’m extremely grateful for you! And btw guys his smile is just as beautiful as my mom. he just doesn’t express it as much hah. #myman #teamdeshields @delinodeshields

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This year, DeShields Jr. let his feet do the talking. Quite literally. Look at these masterpiece cleats.

But just in case you’re wondering, DeShields often pays tribute to both parents, as we saw on Mother’s Day.

And his sister.

I won't say much because people who know understand how much my family means to me. But this one and I have have this inseparable bond since the day she was born. We always have said we should've been twins lol but now we are here 22 years later and my zeedo has been the first one in my family to graduate college. I'm so proud of you I wish I could be there. But you know I'm there in spirit. I know your relieved to be done but we still have unfinished business. Enjoy today but 2morrow we back in the lab. To my university of Tennessee graduate I love you very much. And I can't begin to tell you how proud of I am of you. I wish I could give you one of those lino kisses right now like I used too lol. Enjoy every second! 💋 #ladyvol #graduation #seniorseason #getthatring

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And if he happens to love your Cartoon Network series, he’ll pay tribute to you also.

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