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The cast of ‘Futurama’ is live-reading an episode tonight on the internet

It’s been years since Futurama aired its last episode, but can we ever really get enough? No, never.

Fortunately, the cult-favorite animated series is livestreaming an cast reading on its Facebook page tonight in honor of the upcoming release of the new mobile game Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow.

Photo via Futurama/Facebook

The episode will begin streaming at 11pm ET, and though the cast is keeping quiet on which episode will be read, they promise it will be a “famous” one. Fans are hotly debating which one it might be, with theories flying around over how it will relate to the impending release of the mobile game.

The announcement of the new game came earlier this year, and it is set to be released on June 29 for Android and iOS users.

Now officially with a remote connection to science, @Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow launches June 29th!

Posted by Futurama on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The game will have storylines from the show’s original creators, making it a must-play for fans jonesing for a Futurama fix. Users can play as their favorite character in the game and traverse the galaxy in what looks to be a variety of level styles, from classic 8-bit layouts to those presented in the traditional Futurama art style. Worlds of Tomorrow will also feature new animations, as indicated by the creators in a few short teaser tweets on the game’s official page.

Some fans are praying that the livestream will be a precursor to the announcement of the beloved series’ return to television, but let’s try not get our hopes up. The creators have promised that the game will follow the canon of the show, and if it does well, they are likely to make more. So pre-register for the game now, and tune in tonight.

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