37 Jobs That Would Never Leave You Bored

Believe it or not, not every single job has to be completely miserable. You can actually get yourself one of many unique careers where you’re not required to stare at a computer screen all day like a zombie, biding counting down to quitting time. Like all the interesting jobs that we’ve compiled on this list, there are actually some interesting careers out there that switch it up on a daily basis, throwing different responsibilities and opportunities your way that most nine to fivers would only dream of. So what are the most interesting jobs in the world?

Of all the dream careers that we’ve compiled on this list, which career do you think would be the most interesting? Did Jackass strike a particular chord with you, making you think that you’d be a great stunt person? Were you inspired by Eat, Pray, Love, and can think of nothing better than becoming a travel writer? Or are you a big animal lover, and would love nothing more than to become a zookeeper? Some of these are even super interesting jobs that pay well, but all are rewarding and keep you on your toes.

Even if you find yourself at a soul-sucking job, there’s still hope for you! Or if you’re just starting out, hopefully this list will give you some inspiring career options. If you’re looking for the most interesting jobs, look no further. From astronauts (going into actual outer space!) to ice cream tasters (delicious) and ski patrol (sign us up!), there’s an interesting career path out there, no matter what your interests may be.

Do you already have a cool job you think people should know about? Add it to this list if it isn’t already below, and be sure to upvote the most awesome, rewarding, and truly interesting careers listed.
37 Jobs That Would Never Leave You Bored

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