The Best Current CBS Shows

These are the best current CBS shows of 2016-2017 ranked from best to worst by user votes. From good current CBS series that are dramas to other great CBS series that are comedies, there is a wide range of shows included in this list. And in that all inclusive spirit, many of the best current CBS TV series are reality competition programs and adventure shows.

What series will you find on this best current CBS shows list? One of the best sitcoms currently airing on CBS has to be Mom. Actress Allison Janney has even won acting awards for her portrayal of Bonnie on this great CBS series. 

Survivor premiered in 2000 and is still running strong to this day, as are other CBS reality shows like Big Brother and The Amazing Race. Other good shows that are featured on this top current CBS TV series list include Elementary, Criminal Minds, and The Big Bang Theory.

Do you have a favorite current CBS show? Vote the best series to the top of this list and get in on the conversation in the comments section.

The Best Current CBS Shows

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