The Scariest Shows on TV Right Now

These are the best current horror series of 2016-2017 ranked from best to worst by user votes. There are some great current horror TV shows that are truly scary, and there are also some good current horror shows that have their fair share of scares but are more or less comedies.
What shows are featured on this best current horror TV shows list? The Walking Dead is such a good horror show that it even spawned its own spin-off. Fear The Walking Dead premiered in 2015 and features a talented cast led by Kim Dickens. The Vampire Diaries is another great horror show currently airing on television.

Supernatural is not only one of the best current horror shows but at 12 seasons, it’s also one of the longest running. Other good shows that appear on this top current horror TV series list include American Horror Story, The Strain, and Bates Motel.

Which current horror show in 2017 do you like the best? Let your voice be heard by voting your favorite series to the top spot on this list.

The Scariest Shows on TV Right Now

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