These BoJack Horseman Funkos are perfect for anyone who thinks life’s a drag

If you’ve ever regretted buying a bunch of muffins and eating them all on the way home, these BoJack Horseman Funkos are for you.

Life can be pretty rough, everyone knows that. Especially poor BoJack. How can someone so irresponsible with their life decisions be responsible for their own happiness?

Unfortunately, we can’t help BoJack (or his outlook on life). But we can help you manage your sadness! Just adopt one (or all five) of these BoJack Horseman inspired Funkos.

The BoJack Horseman vinyl Funkos feature the entire cast: BoJack, Mr. Peanutbutter, Diane, Todd and Princess Carolyn. The figurines add some color and fun to your otherwise dark and boring life. Sit them on your desk and pretend you have friends that care or line them across your mantle in place of the achievements you never won.

bojack horseman

Photo via ThinkGeek

Thankfully, these POP Funkos are only $9.99 through ThinkGeek. Add one of these figurines to your meaningless life and maybe you won’t feel so empty.

Buy it here


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