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Worlds First Sausage Dog Cafe Is Coming To UK Sausage Dog Cafe APug Cafe/Facebook

There are few things more adorable than a room full of sausage dogs having a fantastic time together.

I write this article with a head stuffed full of migraine pain and various adulting woes, and yet I just know the sight of a playful bunch of sausage dogs would restore my inner zen.

Fortunately for world weary pupper likers such as myself, the world’s very first dachshund cafe has landed in the UK, and it is just as glorious as it sounds.

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Others who spend plenty of time reading about adorable dog antic on the internet (I see you friend) will no doubt be aware of the bundle of goodness which is the Pug Cafe.

This is a joyous event where pugs and their owners unite at Esquires Guildford to share their love for all things squish nosed and snuffly. But why should pugs get all the fun?

Esquires and Pug Cafe have joined paws once again to create something truly splendid: a one-off event which will band together dachshunds, their humans and all those who just want to come along and stroke some precious dogs.

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Dachshunds will have a truly cosmopolitan appearance they will be barking about at the park for years to come.

Much like a busy city type enjoying a treat at their nearest Star-barks, dachshunds can sample a variety of scrummy treats including ‘pupcakes’, ‘bark-scotti’ and ‘woofins.’

Perhaps most adorably of all, these silly sausages can sip on some canine caffeine with a complimentary ‘Pupuccino’. Just thinking about these babies getting little foam moustaches is making me squeal internally.

Humans won’t be forgotten either, with plenty of baked treats and hot drinks to keep things cosy.

Worlds First Sausage Dog Cafe Is Coming To UK Screen Shot 2018 02 18 at 15.08.06Pug Cafe/Facebook

You may have to run like a dog chasing a frisbee to secure your spot though. Walk-ins are an absolute no no and this is a strictly booking-only sort of event.

This magical day is separated into 70 minute time slot allocations, beginning at 8am, 9.10am, 10.20am, 11.30am, 12.45pm, 2pm, 3.10pm, 4.20pm and 5.30pm.

Dachshund Owners will need to pay up £5 each to attend. Two owners are charged at this rate for each attending Sausage. Additional guests will need to pay £7.50.

If – like myself – you don’t actually own a Dachshund, but just can’t get enough of their adorable noses and silky ears then you will be charged £13.

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