Generally the web manages to carry collectively two seemingly reverse issues that as an alternative mix into one thing transcendently hilarious. Whenever you suppose Star Wars and musicals, your first thought could go to the disastrous vacation particular of yore. Positive, it has turn into a cult traditional of kinds, however nobody was clamoring for extra. Nevertheless, the parents behind Dangerous Lip Studying are at it once more, giving us the facility ballad duet of Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia that all of us deserve.

This isn’t the primary time that BLR has gone the Star Wars musical route, nevertheless it may be one of the best. After a run of Trump skewering movies, it’s refreshing to return to the otherworldly setting of a galaxy far, distant, as an alternative of reminding viewers of our present administration. In “It’s Not A Moon,” the occasions of A New Hope and Rogue One are woven collectively to remind everybody of the may of the Demise Star (a minimum of till you discover that pesky pathway on to the reactor core).

On the very least, it’s enjoyable to see the threatening Tarkin singing about “educating the children to drink powdered goat bladders.” This character revisit is definitely much less offputting than his digital resurrection in Rogue One.

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