As we communicate, Star Wars: The Final Jedi is out there for digital obtain and it will likely be out there on Blu-ray and 4K (the primary Star Wars movie to be supplied on this format so far) on March 27. An advance copy of the Blu-ray confirmed up in our mailbox at the moment (sadly, not the 4K, as a result of I hoped to jot down about how Star Wars seems on this format, however I’ve been advised that it’s coming) so we determined to take heed to director Rian Johnson’s director commentary observe – and for a movie that clocks in at 152 minutes and with a director who likes to speak about filmmaking, there’s lots occurring right here.

It’s fascinating: Johnson says quite a lot of occasions that he’s recording the commentary earlier than the movie is launched into theaters and mentions on a number of events some iteration of, “I ponder how audiences will react to this half.” Now that he’s properly conscious of what audiences reacted to, I type of want he’d return and do one other commentary observe. And I understand if he’s studying this he’s shaking his head saying, “That’s loopy, no means,” however it might be fairly fascinating through the scenes that grew to become considerably, let’s say, polarizing.

Regardless, that is nonetheless an interesting commentary. (Full disclosure: I say this as somebody who doesn’t take heed to many of those and, once I do, normally discover them considerably boring.) Anyway, right here’s what stood out:

• Johnson confirmed one thing I’ve suspected however have by no means heard earlier than (and I’m certain it’s on the market, I simply haven’t seen it): the opening theme to Star Wars through the crawl is barely completely different every time. John Williams rerecords the rating each time and every time the combo isn’t fairly the identical. Up to now I assumed, possibly, it was simply the way in which the completely different sound programs had been arrange in numerous theaters, however that is really a factor.

• Inside 5 minutes of the commentary beginning, Johnson references the 2015 horror film, The Witch. Three minutes later Johnson then references The Quick and the Livid: Tokyo Drift. This can be a commentary observe with lots of nerdy film references.

• Johnson reveals that to get the look proper on Kylo Ren’s smashed helmet he needed to do it himself by stomping on it along with his personal toes. (I type of want J.J. Abrams would have stopped by the set on at the present time to say hiya and by chance witnessed this. “Oh, so, you don’t just like the helmet I got here up with?”)

• In the course of the scene when Chewbacca nearly eats a cooked Porg, Johnson can’t assist however giggle whereas speaking about it.

• Johnson’s one cameo within the movie is when Luke pulls down Han’s cube within the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. That’s Johnson’s gloved hand within the closeup.

• In the course of the scene when Adam Driver seems shirtless – a second that may later turn into a future web meme – Johnson merely states, “Adam Driver girls and gentleman, trying good.”

• Johnson says that when Kylo Ren provides his perspective of the flashback with Luke Skywalker, Johnson feels Kylo Ren is telling the reality – that, from his perspective, is what occurred.

• Johnson additionally mentioned one of many trickiest facets of the movie was getting Kylo Ren to a spot the place the viewers would no less than suppose it’s believable that Rey would need to finally work together with him. As a result of when the film begins — the place The Drive Awakens left off — we had simply watched Kylo Ren kill Han Solo. It’s fairly arduous to come back again from that. And Johnson later says that, by the top, he wished Kylo Ren to be able the place he’s nearer to the villain he wished to be within the first movie of this trilogy.

• When discussing Benicio del Toro’s DJ, Johnson was adamant he didn’t need DJ to “see the sunshine” like so many different Star Wars characters earlier than him had — like Han and Lando. He wished this character to “follow his weapons,” so to talk, and stay type of a jerk. Johnson additionally mentioned that DJ’s final line to Finn, after Finn tells him he’s fallacious, “Perhaps,” was one thing Del Toro got here up with on the spot. Johnson mentioned the unique final line was a “film line” like, “fallacious and wealthy.”

• The scene when Finn decks Phasma within the face after their lengthy combat was impressed straight from an analogous scene in Again to the Future Half II after Marty rises up on the DeLorean and the door smacks Biff within the face.

• Johnson clearly has a tender spot for the ultimate coda of the movie that exhibits all of the impressed children. Johnson says that the movie may have simply ended with the Falcon flying off into area with all of the heroes on board, however that final shot exhibits that Luke fulfilled what he got down to do: Luke didn’t simply save a number of remaining Resistance fighters, but additionally reignited hope within the galaxy.

• And lastly, my favourite one: Johnson admits the gunning stations within the Millennium Falcon make no sense.  Thanks! That is one thing I’ve been attempting to determine since I first noticed the unique Star Wars. Han climbs up a ladder whereas Luke climbs down. Then after we see them within the gunner positions, it type of seems they’re sitting straight up, and in actuality whereas it’s being filmed, they’re, however within the film Han is going through straight up and Luke is straight down. On this picture, that tunnel behind Han goes straight down. That is bizarre!


And as Johnson admits, in an environment with gravity, or perhaps a ship that appears to have gravity, this is senseless in any respect. So, when making the film, he mentioned you type of simply should go together with it as a result of that’s the way in which it’s at all times been. This can be a good reply.

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