We’ve seen John Cena in a whole lot of completely different positions currently: wedding ceremony officiator, pathetic beggar of the Undertaker for a WrestleMania match, and socially accountable Youngsters’s Alternative Awards host. Sooner or later, we’d even see him host Blues Clues and change into a father!

Leslie Mann, nonetheless, has seen John Cena ready none of us are ever prone to on the set of their new film, Blockers: bent over, bare from the waist down, for hours to be able to movie a scene that includes butt-chugging. She says she tried not to have a look at the Posterior That Runs The … Exterior? however did sneak a peek whereas making an attempt to protect him from the extras. Right here’s how she describes it:

[With] a standard butt … there’s not, like … there’s not a whole lot of area between the surface and what it’s protecting. So, like, when it strikes round, like mine, you possibly can see … that space. His butt, it’s like two big … there’s like 4 inches from the surface to [gestures] … So even when he’s bent over, you possibly can’t see something. He’s like “I don’t care!”

Is that this … is that this what “You possibly can’t see me” has been referring to this complete time? I don’t know, however I do know that I by no means need Leslie Mann to see or describe any a part of my physique!

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