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Menstrual cups make me nervous, and let me inform you why: At any time when I do a high-stakes exercise involving liquids, like bringing a spoonful of scorching soup to my mouth with out dumping it down my chest or transferring a palm-sized cup of interval blood to the closest receptacle with out spilling it throughout my pants, my palms start to shake erratically. Typically, this sabotages my success. Emptying even the very best menstrual cup looks as if it will solely be comfortably achieved in a personal, stall-free toilet. Due to this fact, I’ve steered away from cups (the little rubber or silicone funnels that sit within the vagina and acquire blood) out of deference to my wardrobe. 

Anecdotal proof sourced from cup devotees suggests that you simply might need to attempt a bunch of fashions earlier than you discover your match, and spending plenty of cash on merchandise I can’t return sounds considerably frivolous to me. Nonetheless, it’s good to consider a reusable, one-time buy that would exchange the stash of presumably poisonous, positively too-expensive tampons underneath my sink. These are two explanation why Dr. Jennifer Conti, a medical assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Stanford College and a fellow with Physicians for Reproductive Well being, likes menstrual cups. In contrast to tampons, which can comprise bleach, chlorine, aluminum, perfume, alcohol, and different scary components you in all probability don’t need in your vagina, reusable cups are sometimes BPA-free, constituted of body-safe silicone.

“It’s a actually nice different to conventional pads and tampons, one as a result of it’s higher for the setting,” she says, and “two, as a result of for lots of people, you don’t really feel such as you’re sporting a diaper or having that product down there accumulating odor.”

Not solely that, she provides, however “even should you purchase an costly cup, what are you spending, 20 bucks or one thing?” And granted some shall be costlier than that, however “versus the recurring charges of tampons or pads, it positively does find yourself being less expensive.”

What’s the greatest menstrual cup?

menstrual cup shoppers would possibly shortly discover themselves drowning in a sea of choices: myriad takes on the identical fundamental design, none of which presents as strikingly completely different from one other. The New York InstancesWirecutter carried out an intensive, user- and expert-informed evaluation of 18 menstrual cups and named the MeLuna ($25) its winner, based mostly on the model’s vary of sizes and firmness. Diva Cup appears to be the go-to just by advantage of its huge title recognition, however there are such a lot of completely different manufacturers on the market, Conti says. Don’t despair if the primary cup you attempt doesn’t work.

She recommends taking the web site PutACupInIt for a spin earlier than making purchases. Conti calls it the “Goldilocks method” to cup searching as a result of its brief quiz helps you discover the product that’s excellent. Beforehand, although, it helps to know the place your cervix sits: excessive? Low? Someplace within the center? It is a query an OB/GYN can reply, so contemplate asking the subsequent time you end up up within the stirrups.

Key components in cup sizing, in accordance with Conti, are move quantity, childbirth historical past, and vaginal size. With these in thoughts, I went by way of PutACupInIt trial runs to search out the very best menstrual cup for a variety of vaginas.

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Finest menstrual cup for lengthy vaginas

For the needs of this check, I set the metrics to a daily move, middling ranges of bodily exercise, no earlier births, no incontinence, no allergy symptoms, and no historical past of cup use. Right here’s what I obtained:

  • For teenagers: An extended cup, just like the Diva Cup ($33), Lily Cup ($40), Enjoyable Cup ($43), XO Flo ($35), or Tremendous Jennie (L, $30) would possibly do the trick.
  • For younger adults (18-25): Younger adults on this class would possibly try a Lunette Dimension 2 ($40) or a Lena L ($25).
  • For the late twenties and past: Curiously sufficient, you may have the identical set of suggestions as the teenagers.

Finest menstrual cup for brief vaginas

Right here, I used the identical metrics as within the lengthy vagina trial however adjusted for an instantly accessible cervix.

  • For teenagers: PutACupInIt recommends a Meluna Shorty, or a measurement 1 from Lena Cup, Diva Cup, and Lily Cup.
  • For younger adults (18-25): Contemplate a measurement 1 Lunette or Luna Cup, or a measurement Small Ruby Cup ($30), or a Tremendous Jennie Cup in Small.
  • For late twenties and past: Once more, similar outcomes as the teenagers!

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Finest menstrual cup for average-length vaginas

Once more, similar metrics apply, aside from cervix location, which on this case is “knuckle deep.”

  • For teenagers: Beneficial merchandise embody a Juju Cup ($43), Lunette Cup, Lena Cup, Sckoon Cup ($39), Meluna Traditional, or Si-Bell Cup (for folks dwelling exterior the U.S., it appears) in measurement small.
  • For younger adults (18-25): Your greatest matches are a Lunette Cup (measurement 2) or Lena Massive.
  • For late twenties and early thirties: Similar because the younger adults.
  • For 34 and over: Attempt a Fleur Cup ($25), a Luna Delicate, or a measurement Massive Si-Bell — one thing of “pretty common … size and firmness,” in accordance with the quiz.  


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Finest menstrual cup for earlier births

Right here, I set the metrics to semi-active, common move, no historical past of incontinence or cup use, no allergy symptoms, and unsure as to cervix place. No matter age group, the outcomes got here again the identical: Attempt a Fleur Cup, Luna Delicate, or a Si-Bell in measurement Massive should you’ve given delivery earlier than.

Finest menstrual cup for a heavy move

These outcomes would possibly differ based mostly in your vagina size, however for the sake of simplicity, this hypothetical heavy move cup seeker has no thought the place their cervix is. They’re additionally semi-active, haven’t any historical past of childbirth, haven’t used a menstrual cup earlier than, should not incontinent, and shouldn’t have allergy symptoms. Please notice: Right here, we’re speaking heavy, as in soaks-through-a-super-tampon-in-two-hours heavy.

  • For teenagers: Once more, attempt a Juju Cup, Lunette Cup, Lena Cup, Sckoon Cup, Meluna Traditional, or Si-Bell Cup in measurement small.
  • For younger adults (18-25): Contemplate a measurement 1 Lunette or Luna Cup, or a measurement Small Ruby Cup, or a Tremendous Jennie Cup in Small.
  • For late twenties and past: You’re going to want an enormous cup. Attempt a Tremendous Jennie in small or giant, a big LaliCup ($37 to $38), a measurement 2 Yuuki ($17), or probably a Merula cup ($31, for these of you with low cervixes).

Editor’s notice: This text is frequently up to date for relevance.

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