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Harrison Ford has been enjoying Indiana Jones since Raiders of the Misplaced Ark got here out in 1981. He watched a dude get his coronary heart pulled out of his chest in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, he met Hitler in Indiana Jones and the Final Campaign, and he regardless of the hell that is in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Cranium. Ford will return to play the world’s most well-known archeologist in a fifth movie due out in 2020, however then the 75-year-old actor will drop the whip for good. In a brand new interview, although, director Steven Spielberg means that one other actor, presumably a girl, will choose it again up.

Spielberg, who has directed each installment within the blockbuster film collection, [said] that he was “fairly certain” the upcoming fifth outing for the explorer could be Ford’s swan track within the position, however that the franchise would “actually proceed after that.”

When quizzed on who may don Jones’s well-known fedora and whip, the director stated that it was time the character took “a unique kind.” Nodding in response to the suggestion that stated kind may very well be feminine, Spielberg added that “we’d have to vary the title from Jones to Joan. And there could be nothing unsuitable with that.” (Through)

You recognize what’s scarier than a rolling boulder or a face-melting Nazi? 1,000,000 agitated fanboys screaming “however we have already got a feminine Indiana Jones in Lara Croft, and nobody noticed that Tomb Raider film” without delay.

(Through The Guardian)

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