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Writer’s notice: I’ve written 2,200 phrases about burritos. My solely remorse is that it couldn’t be 22,000.

Let’s make one factor clear from the beginning: this text is just not successful piece on tacos. I like tacos. I like all Mexican meals. I’ve cherished Mexican meals since I used to be a chubby six-year-old with a mullet and I nonetheless like it right this moment (as a chubby thirty four-year-old who needs his scalp might nonetheless produce such a wonderful cascade of hair). However as a lot as I like tacos, I’ve one main and unavoidable drawback with the dish: tacos shouldn’t be the flag-bearer of Mexican meals. Not when there’s already one thing way more worthy of that mantle.

The ‘96 Bulls weren’t Invoice Wennington’s group. Julia Sweeney didn’t headline Pulp Fiction. And the Beatles weren’t referred to as Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band (that occurred a lot later and it was fairly nice).

Invoice Wennington, Julia Sweeney, and Ringo Starr had been all vital elements of a larger entire, however they weren’t the plain forces pushing the larger entire towards perfection. Equally, conversion vans that promote Mexican meals shouldn’t be often called “taco vehicles” and quick meals eating places that present enchiritos to the excessive, and loos to the determined, shouldn’t be often called “Taco Bell.” Not when the burrito is round.

As a result of the burrito is superior to the taco in nearly each approach.

Let’s prolong the Beatles analogy: Ringo Starr is an incredible musician in his personal proper (and a horrible painter), however he by no meansfairly stacked as much as the geniuses that surrounded him. In the identical approach, the taco (although undeniably scrumptious), is clearly the weakest of the Fab 4 of taco truck delicacies — tacos are the Ringo, John is the mulita (for his contrived air of secrecy), Paul is the quesadilla (for his mass attraction), and George, clearly, is the burrito.

George is the burrito due to his quiet dignity. George is the burrito due to the enjoyment he has introduced the world. George is the burrito as a result of he has been under-appreciated for too lengthy. George is the burrito as a result of he’s the very best.

Have we misplaced you already? Full disclosure, I used to be launched to each burritos and George Harrison at an impressionable age, and whereas I’m far too blind to music to elucidate my stance on George Harrison past “Obtained My Thoughts Set On You is f*cking hearth,” I’m absolutely ready to defend my opinion on the inherent superiority of the burrito over the taco.

I hereby, humbly and respectfully, submit six explanation why burritos are higher than tacos:


The burrito is among the few meals that may be eaten each meal of the day — from breakfast burrito to a fortifying post-bar, pre-hangover three AM snack. Some say there are not any dessert burritos. I say crepes are Nutella burritos made by the French. Actually, should you ever end up questioning: “is now a great time to eat a burrito?” There is just one reply.

The taco, whereas a serviceable choice for lunch and dinner, and a good selection for “drunkard’s delight” after the bar closes, hardly ever works as a breakfast meals. Sure, I’m conscious that “tacos mañaneros” are usually eaten for breakfast in Mexico, however tacos which can be eaten within the morning are usually not breakfast meals, they’re merely tacos which can be eaten within the morning. Alongside related strains, I take pleasure in a filet mignon and a sassy merlot, I actually take pleasure in that meal greater than waffles (and — as my Physique Mass Index can attest — I like the hell out of waffles) however steak and wine isn’t breakfast meals, irrespective of how a lot I lengthy for them to be.

And earlier than the Texas contingent lashes out, sure, I’m conscious of your particular model of breakfast tacos. Sure, I’ve eaten them, and sure, they’re pleasant. Nonetheless, are they even correctly tacos? I submit that breakfast tacos are a lot nearer to miniature, improperly folded breakfast burritos than any taco. And who desires a miniature, improperly-folded breakfast burrito, when there are such a lot of scrumptious, regularly-sized, correctly folded breakfast burritos that could possibly be eaten as a substitute?

It might be like watching Gremlins 2, when common Gremlins is correct subsequent to it on the shelf.



The fillings in a burrito are solely restricted by the creativity of the filler and the tensile energy of the tortilla. There are “Mission” burritos. There are California burritos with french fries tucked inside. There are fusion burritos full of Korean BBQ. There are burritos the scale of a yeti leg. There are burritos which can be deep-fried. And typically burritos may even be sushi. Not each burrito mixture is nice, a few of them are even downright disgusting, however the dish offers limitless alternatives for the chef to specific herself on a tortilla canvas.

The taco, by design, is the epitome of simplicity: tortilla, meat, toppings (salsa, onion, cilantro, and so on.), squirt of lime, and achieved. The tacos could also be conventional. The tacos could also be dolled up with nopalitos and guacamole. The tacos could also be inexplicably scrumptious. However, regardless of these superficial modifications, the taco stays a taco. And whereas some could admire the taco for its dedication to simplicity, I rejoice the burrito for exhibiting us we are able to dream of one thing grander.


The taco (in a theme that can be revisited usually on this article) is essentially restricted by the corn tortilla. Earlier than we go any additional, just a few phrases ought to most likely be mentioned concerning the corn tortilla:

I truly suppose corn tortillas are higher than flour tortillas. To make clear, corn tortillas are higher than flour tortillas for exactly three minutes. That’s how lengthy it takes for that completely crisp, completely chewy, completely heat, completely good disc of masa to shrivel into a chilly, stiff, rigid, and really a lot lifeless puck. The corn tortilla, like butterflies, wildflowers, and Princess Diana, are blessed (and cursed) with an excessive amount of fragile magnificence to outlive on this merciless world for lengthy.

Certain, there are some locations like Los Cinco Puntos in Boyle Heights, that promote tacos with corn tortillas which have been hand-rolled, pressed, and griddled seconds earlier than the meat and salsa layers are assembled. However it is a uncommon exception (and their burritos are even higher than the tacos, anyway).

In contrast to the corn tortilla, the flour tortilla is a star from cradle to grave. They’re scrumptious when they’re first made. They style nearly precisely as scrumptious an hour later. They style nice the following day, they usually style even higher after thirty seconds on the griddle. I’ve even made completely serviceable microwave quesadillas with tortillas that had been forgotten behind my fridge for months.

Whereas I nonetheless really feel disgrace for the microwave quesadilla — I can solely blame youth and intoxication (principally intoxication) — the previous flour tortillas had been completely resurrected by sixty seconds of radiation, and had been essentially the most scrumptious element of the dish. As a result of outdoors of these magical three minutes after the corn tortilla is pulled off the range high, the flour tortilla is definitively higher.

And sure, I’m conscious that sure tacos are made with flour tortillas. And sure, in my expertise, these tacos had been wonderful. Actually, they’re a few of the best tacos I’ve ever eaten in my life. There is just one approach these flour tortilla tacos might have been made higher: a small scoop of beans, a smaller scoop of rice, a dollop of bitter cream, and the knowledgeable fold that might flip them into the burritos they had been all the time meant to be.


Ric Syberg

Among the happiest moments of my life have been spent consuming tacos over a car-table. However like rollercoasters, intercourse, and the great thing about youth, the enjoyment of consuming tacos is over far too quickly. For causes of sogginess and aforementioned tortilla dying, tacos must be eaten rapidly. And as thrilling because the frenzied race towards salsa saturation and tortilla mortality could also be, it doesn’t permit the eater to totally savor the expertise of the meal.

The burrito, however, truly tastes higher the longer that consuming is delayed. As a result of inside that burrito, the meat and the beans and the rice and cheese and salsa are rubbing towards one another like a Zion intercourse rave, imparting taste notes and spice till the disparate components merge into one scrumptious entire. And, not like the corn tortilla, the burrito’s inherently superior flour tortilla basis not solely prevents leakage, however sponges up the magical juices (one thing they wanted on the Zion intercourse rave, too).



I consulted with my expensive buddy, proficient musician, and famous taco knowledgeable Aaron Gershman (he even taught a seminar on taco truck delicacies at USC) whereas writing this text, and he defended the prevalence of the taco (and particularly the LA model of the road taco) over the burrito with this, admittedly compelling argument:

What we in LA consider as a taco is a magical factor and wildly completely different than the gringo tacos discovered elsewhere. In LA, tacos are served on tender corn tortillas with meat, onions, cilantro and successful of salsa. Nothing else. The LA taco has no cheese, no lettuce, no tomatoes and most actually no floor beef. The meats are marinated and slow-cooked and filled with taste (not taste packets). If you happen to’re a fan of Mexican meals, that is it at its purest. The substances are so easy that the taco lives or dies on the energy of the meat alone; not so with the burrito. You wrap one thing up in a pile of cheddar cheese, bitter cream and guacamole, it can style satisfactory no matter how bland the meat inside is (see additionally Taco Bell). It’s the traditional battle of simplicity vs. extra; the taco is the haiku to the burrito’s 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

Clever phrases from an clever man, and I utterly agree together with his thesis: the taco utterly relies on the standard of the meat, tortilla, and salsas. There is no such thing as a gooey, great, refried beans, or guacamole, or bitter cream, and even french fries to raise even essentially the most mediocre of carne asada right into a satisfactory, sometimes beautiful burrito feast. However, if you’ll permit me the indulgence, let me Shyamalan you with this: Mr. Gershman’s argument was proving the prevalence of burritos your entire time!

I do know that if I’m ever stranded at a fuel station in Topeka, Kansas, or Nome, Alaska, or Stent, California, I can pick any frozen burrito from the show case and have a “satisfactory” meal. Will or not it’s a great burrito? No. Will the meat style like (and almost certainly be) raccoon meat? In fact. Will I instantly remorse each life resolution that led me to be holed up in a Kansas fuel station? Most assuredly. However irrespective of how dangerous that burrito can be for a burrito, the “pile” of beans, cheddar cheese, and mediocre meat will nonetheless be the very best meals accessible at that fuel station. And on this merciless, unpredictable world, typically “fairly good” is the very best we are able to ever hope for.

Additionally, it is very important do not forget that nearly each taco truck that Mr. Gershman speaks so fondly of with their “marinated,” “slow-cooked,” and “filled with taste” meats, additionally promote burritos. So you possibly can nonetheless have that transcendent carnitas and al pastor, however with important bitter cream, guacamole, and shredded cheese and a superior tortilla, as properly. The meat stays the star, however each star — even George Harrison — was made higher with some assist from a robust supporting solid.



I’ve saved this level for final, not as a result of it’s the most persuasive, however as a result of I consider it’s an important: for my part, the burrito is essentially the most American meals that has ever existed.

It’s extra American than fried hen (which was dropped at America from Scotland and West Africa). It’s extra American than the hamburger (a model of which was made in historic Rome). It’s much more American than the Double Down (which was invented in America, however actually shouldn’t have been invented anyplace).

The burrito is essentially the most American meals, not as a result of it was born right here (burritos have been in Mexico for so long as there was meat and foldable tortillas), however as a result of when it crossed the border the trade of Mexican and American cultures birthed one thing far larger than might have been produced by anyone nation alone.

Within the 1960s, Mexican-American cooks in San Francisco took the idea of the normal burrito and used American innovation and Mexican substances to create one thing magical: The Mission burrito. And whereas America’s meddling with overseas nations has led to some “less-than-ideal” outcomes previously, this burrito exhibits us the great prospects that the trade of concepts, meals, and tradition between two nations can convey. As a result of the Mission burrito (subsequently often called a “burrito” in the remainder of the US) is a completely American creation that also retains the important spirit and substances of its Mexican heritage.

This burrito is the very best of the US and the very best of Mexico, all rolled up in a single zesty bundle. And now greater than ever, it can be crucial we notice the mandatory and great advantages that may come from the cultural trade of those two nice nations. And, as my closing level, whereas the American affect on the burrito was wildly constructive, this is what we did to the taco:

The protection rests.

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