Subsequent month a brand new Star Wars film comes out, which simply appears insane, however right here we’re. Solo: A Star Wars Story will present us what our favourite spice smuggler was as much as earlier than the occasions of the primary Star Wars film and element issues just like the Kessel Run and the way Han gained the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian. That is all wonderful and dandy, however what I actually hope to search out out is … why is it that Han Solo is so unhealthy with cash?

Look, we don’t know loads about Han Solo’s life earlier than he met Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi on Tatooine. (I assume this all adjustments in Could.) However there are sufficient clues unfold all through Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Again to tell us that Han Solo is actually unhealthy with cash and a whole lot of his troubles appear self-inflicted.

Okay, let’s dig in: So, when the occasions of the primary Star Wars begin, Han is already in debt. This one most likely isn’t his fault. Greedo confronts Han on the Mos Eisley Cantina demanding the cash that Han owes Jabba the Hutt. As a substitute, Han kills Greedo (that is what occurred; there is no such thing as a controversy surrounding this), however throughout their dialog, we study Han was smuggling “one thing” and needed to ditch it earlier than the Empire inspected his ship. No matter that one thing was, it was owned by Jabba the Hutt and now Jabba needs compensation.

In a scene that wasn’t within the unique theatrical launch however is now within the official model, Han and Jabba have a confrontation – they usually appear to be on fairly good phrases! Jabba doesn’t even appear to care that Han killed Greedo. Han made it clear he’d pay Jabba quickly as a result of he was about to make some cash and Jabba accepted this clarification. What a bizarre scene! It’s most likely the least nerve-racking, most overtly nice scene between somebody who owes cash and a criminal offense boss in cinematic historical past. Jabba appears fairly cheap!

So we all know Han negotiated 17,000 credit from Luke and Ben for transport to Alderaan. (Properly, “negotiated,” as a result of Han solely requested for 10,000 and Ben upped the provide in return for not having to pay all of it now.) We additionally know there was much more reward provided for rescuing Leia from the Demise Star. It’s not completely clear that Han obtained greater than 17,000, nevertheless it’s actually implied. Leia even sarcastically tells him that if cash is all he needs, that’s what he’ll get. So it appears secure to say Han received loads of cash by the point he reached the Insurgent base on Yavin four.

(As an apart, I’d love to observe an A Star Wars Story film in regards to the TIE Fighter pilots who battled the Millennium Falcon because it was fleeing the Demise Star. What have been they instructed their plan was? Bear in mind, Vader and Tarkin needed the Falcon to flee so it could possibly be tracked to the key Insurgent base. What have been these pilots instructed to do? “Okay. So we have now a actually necessary mission for you. We have to you go after that ship, however it’s good to die within the course of. However make it look good! Alright, the Empire is relying on you. Good luck!”)

Han was then going to go away proper earlier than the assault on the Demise Star to repay Jabba however received guilt-tripped into serving to Luke and he turned a hero. That’s nice! However Han nonetheless wanted to repay his money owed. When The Empire Strikes Again begins, set three entire years after Star Wars, Han, inexplicably, nonetheless hasn’t paid Jabba! Han mentions to Leia that he determined he most likely wanted to pay his money owed after working right into a bounty hunter on Ord Mantell. Oh, that’s what made him change his thoughts? Han Solo is unhealthy with cash! There’s no purpose Han couldn’t have left for a few days, paid Jabba together with his new fortune, then come again to the Revolt. However, nope, he didn’t. Once more, Jabba appeared actually cheap in Star Wars, Han may have paid him proper after the film ended, which was like a day after they met.

Now, I do know what you might be considering. The Empire is in search of Han and Jabba would possibly betray him for much more cash from the Empire. First, if Han went instantly there’s no method the Empire would have completed that so rapidly. And second, Han clearly tells Common Rieekan in Empire that “if I don’t repay Jabba the Hutt, I’m a lifeless man.” So that is clearly nonetheless an choice. If this was not an choice, Han would have stated, “I’m jeopardizing the Revolt with all these bounty hunters chasing me, I must go someplace and conceal.” So Han determined to let the juice run for 3 years after which repay Jabba – when Jabba is not cheap. What a dumb factor. Perhaps, earlier than this episode with Han, Jabba was identified all through the galaxy as “the cheap crime lord,” after which his entire character modified as soon as Han determined to not pay for no good purpose. What did Han do with all his cash? Perhaps he gave it again to the Revolt? That’s good, however that doesn’t sound like one thing Han would do and, additionally, that’s silly.

Han lastly received his money owed paid when Han and his mates determined to only kill his debtor. We’ve by no means actually checked out this from Jabba’s facet earlier than. Jabba could be the sufferer in all this. If Han and Jabba had gone earlier than Choose Judy, I’m pretty sure Choose Judy would rule in favor of Jabba. And for all Jabba’s bother, he winds up being choked to demise.

(Within the unique Marvel Star Wars comedian run, the primary situation after the occasions of Return of the Jedi is all about how Han now doesn’t have any cash and nobody will lend him something. It’s nowhere close to canon anymore, if it ever was within the first place, however it’s amusing.)

Additionally, why is there all this drama about Han leaving in Empire, by no means to return? He says he’s going to repay Jabba, why can’t he simply come again? The one factor that makes any sense is as a result of Han is aware of he’s so unhealthy with cash that he’ll wind up shopping for one thing with Jabba’s cash and screw the entire thing up once more. By the point we see him in The Pressure Awakens, he’s misplaced his ship and is being chased for cash once more. Kylo Ren most likely did the galaxy a favor. I guess the galaxy’s economic system stabilized as soon as Han Solo wasn’t round anymore to screw all of it up. So, once more, if something, I hope Solo: A Star Wars Story explains this. I hope we study Han was going to be an accountant and one thing went incorrect and now he rebels towards his credit score rating – as a result of there is no such thing as a one worse with cash than Han Solo in your entire Star Wars galaxy. He introduced on all his issues himself.

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