SpaceX has a brand new resolution for recovering rocket elements, and it entails big celebration balloons and bouncy homes.

As he typically does, Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce his newest unorthodox plan: bringing a “rocket higher stage again from orbital velocity utilizing an enormous celebration balloon.” He later defined the balloon would permit the cone to retrain its form “throughout all mach regimes” and reduce the part’s ballistic coefficient (the power to beat air resistance) by two orders of magnitude.

When requested by in style YouTube channel Smarter Each Day how SpaceX will determine the place the higher stage will deorbit, or reenter Earth’s environment, Musk mentioned it might must land nearer to shore on a catcher ship like Mr. Steven. The concept of utilizing a “celebration balloon” to land the higher stage is a part of SpaceX’s purpose to recuperate and recycle each a part of its rockets, not simply the primary stage. If it’s profitable, the price of launching used Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy spacecraft may lower significantly.

This could all seem to be a foolish joke had anybody else posted it, however Musk has a confirmed report of following by way of with weird claims. In a equally unconventional technique, SpaceX tried to catch the fairing, or cone-shaped nostril piece that covers a rocket’s payload, with a “big catcher’s mitt” within the type of a high-speed boat. It failed, lacking its goal by round 300 toes.

The place will the higher stage and its big Up-like balloon land? A bouncy home, in fact.

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