Serious about packing your baggage and shifting to Sydney to stay the Australian dream? Sorry guys, the nation doesn’t even exist.

In response to one flat-Earther, the land down below is all simply smoke and mirrors. A ruse we thought liable for greats like Kylie Minogue and Hugh Jackman.

The speculation surfaced final yr however has its roots in a Flat Earth Society discussion board thread from 2006.


It reads:

Most of you’ve in all probability been introduced up believing within the imaginary land known as Australia. I wager a lot of you even realized about it at school. I’m right here to inform you the reality.

Nicely, the actual fact is that Australia doesn’t actually exist. All the pieces you’ve ever heard about it was made up, and any footage of it you’ve seen have been faked by the federal government.

I’m positive you’ve even talked to individuals on the web who declare to be from Australia. They’re actually secret authorities brokers who’re browsing the web to implement these false beliefs.

We aren’t totally positive why the federal government made up an imaginary continent, or why it’s attempting to persuade the world that this continent is actual, however we will inform you that we all know for a proven fact that Australia doesn’t actually exist.

Please be part of us in our quest to persuade the world of the reality.


A Fb person equally went viral final yr after making her case for a non-existent Australia.

Shelley Floryd posed Australians are all actors or computer-generated personas, ‘a part of the plot to trick the world.’

In response to indy100 she mentioned:

Australia isn’t actual. It’s a hoax, made for us to consider that Britain moved over their criminals to someplace.

In actuality, all these criminals have been loaded off the ships into the waters, drowning earlier than they might see land ever once more.

It’s a coverup for one of many biggest mass murders in historical past, made by probably the most outstanding empires.

She even goes so far as to say Australians are ‘laptop generated’.


She added:

Australia doesn’t exist. All stuff you name ‘proof’ are literally effectively fabricated lies and paperwork made by the main governments of the world.

Your Australian associates? They’re all actors and laptop generated personas, a part of the plot to trick the world.

In response to Shelley, the ‘aircraft pilots’ are in on this secret. As an alternative of flying you to Melbourne or Sydney, they fly you to islands shut close by ‘or in some circumstances, elements of South America, the place they’ve cleared house and employed actors to behave out as actual Australians.


She concluded:

Australia is without doubt one of the largest hoaxes ever created, and you’ve got all been tricked. Be a part of the motion right now, and make it recognized that they’ve been deceived.

Make it recognized, that this has all simply been a cover-up. The issues these “Australian” says to be doing, all these swear phrases and actions primarily based on alcoholism, MDMA and unhealthy selections, are all methods to distract you from the ugly fact that is without doubt one of the biggest genocides in historical past.

162,000 individuals was mentioned to have been transported to this imaginary land throughout a mere 80 years, and they’re all lengthy useless by now. They by no means reached that promised land.

Inform the reality. Get up for what is true.Be sure that to unfold the world – Australia isn’t actual. It’s a codeword for the chilly blooded homicide of greater than 100 thousand individuals, and it’s not okay. We won’t, settle for this.

Get up for those who died. Let it’s recognized, that Australia doesn’t exist. [sic]


I’ve obtained in contact with my Australian associates however to this point they’ve all malfunctioned.

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