Now that Star Wars: Battlefront II‘s loot field controversy has died down and the builders discovered a correct strategy to award gamers Credit for enjoying the sport, EA is starting to unveil new modes that broaden on their all-encompassing digital love letter to Star Wars.

Of their first main enlargement of the bottom sport since The Final Jedi season final yr, EA and DICE have unveiled Night time on Endor, or an “Ewok Hunt Mode.”

Right here’s EA’s description of the mode that can assist you to bludgeon storm troopers to loss of life with rudimentary weapons:

The ambush begins as Ewoks assault unsuspecting stormtroopers, utilizing spears, Wisties, and different abilities to take down their opponents. Every stormtrooper defeated spawns as one other Ewok, multiplying till the Empire’s forces have been utterly eradicated, and the Ewok celebration can start. Nonetheless, the stormtroopers’ superior coaching and firepower are greater than a match for the Ewoks. Armed with a cadre of weapons in addition to flashlights to pierce the darkness, gamers should maintain again the Ewok’s ambush if they’ve a hope of surviving till an extraction staff can arrive.

It appears as if this can be a stealthy, horror mode to the sport that could be a normally flat out, run ahead and shoot issues sport. We’ve seen the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi, and they’re cuddly however vicious. Seeing them within the image above, with the firelight dancing off their crazed eyes, makes you take a look at them like by no means earlier than.

Right here’s a stormtrooper, fearing for his life, and rightfully so. He’s being surrounded by screaming little bears in loincloths, able to stab him with tiny spears. How terrifying are these bizarre bi-pedal animals, backlit by the moon and fueled by a livid need to defend their house? You don’t even must think about it, you’ll be capable of play as this stormtrooper, overwhelmed and horrified because the beasts shut in.


However perhaps it’s not this new sport mode. Maybe Ewoks at all times had been terrifying, or a minimum of they gave the impression to be. The Battle for Endor made for TV film a minimum of scared me as a toddler. It’s these beady eyes and their bizarre mouths. Freaky.

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