Warning: References to transphobic, homophobic, ableist, and racial slurs. 

“First sufferer of the evening,” the transcript learn. “I gained’t relaxation till each sissy boy on /r9k/ has began HRT [hormone replacement therapy], or on the very least crossdressing. Much less shitty genes on this planet and extra traps for me.”

This sinister name to arms is on the coronary heart of an advanced, transphobic conspiracy principle about 4chan’s imageboard /r9k/, identified for its blatant bigotry throughout the already-somewhat-toxic nameless web site. The allegation: A “cabal of deranged homosexuals” are posting “entice threads, homosexual threads, and encouragement for individuals to take hormones,” as if to trick customers on /r9k/ into being transgender or gender nonconforming.

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These “entice threads” are allegedly being arrange by means of a collection of textual content chats on Discord, a dialogue service for avid gamers, then posted to the imageboard to lure in “troubled” boys. It’s a deeply harmful principle, first popularized in a now-deleted video from YouTuber Esoteric Poster 1388, that has since reached Reddit and the web’s “largest stalker group” Kiwi Farms.

If this feels like a really layered subsect of the web, it’s. Let’s break down how a bunch of lonely web denizens fell right into a panic over whether or not “damaged younger males” have turn into “traps,” whether or not any of that is true, and why the remainder of us normies ought to care.


Choosing aside truth from fiction

/r9k/ Lure Harem/YouTube

“Lure” is a time period that first emerged on 4chan, referring to an androgynous male anime character who crossdresses as a girl. Nowadays on the platform, the phrase is used interchangeably to consult with transgender girls, as 4chan customers aren’t probably the most delicate. The time period can be derogatory for implying trans girls “entice” straight males into having intercourse with them.

Listening to about “traps” in a destructive mild on /r9k/ is certainly not a shock, because the imageboard historically options NSFW content material and “edgy” web humor that always takes purpose at trans individuals, individuals of shade, and folks on the autism spectrum, amongst others. The place the text-chat service Discord performs into that is that it lets gamers create their very own servers, or subject channels, to debate no matter they need and is left largely unmoderated. In different phrases, chats can usually veer crude and darkish, making the dialogue service good for an imageboard like /r9k/.

In Esoteric’s video, he alleged there’s a “entice Discord” and that it doesn’t let /r9k/ and 4chan customers be a part of except they share an image of themselves crossdressing with their face within the body. From there—and that is the place it turns into legal—Esoteric mentioned the group obtains customers’ private figuring out data and blackmails them into taking hormone substitute remedy. He mentioned that is based mostly on claims posted by nameless /r9k/ customers and screencaps from the group.

Nonetheless, different Discord customers dispute the simplicity of Esoteric’s allegations.

Discord consumer support_annie was a part of a server known as “RGTOW,” the place Reiko, the individual credited with writing the notorious “first sufferer of the evening” put up, served as a outstanding member. Support_annie advised the Each day Dot that Reiko and a number of other different customers joked about convincing /r9k/ customers to start taking HRT by repeatedly posting threads about “traps.” The concept, which he known as “entice shilling,” supposedly grew from there, and moved on to a different Discord server.

“It began by, what I consider had been presumably jokes. They needed to make all of the manlets take HRT,” support_annie advised the Each day Dot. “There wasn’t actually any methods. It was simply flooding /r9k/ with photos of traps.”

Considered one of RGTOW’s directors, Waseru, advised the Each day Dot that the “entice thread” posters finally break up into two teams, “those that needed individuals to go on HRT and people who had been simply shitposting.” The initiative itself was “VERY loosely organized,” he claimed, and there have been loads of rogue posters unaffiliated with any of the Discords making their very own posts.

As for the blackmailing declare, support_annie believes this did happen on the server; one other consumer on RGTOW named Indy additionally advised the Each day Dot that Reiko “confirmed” that blackmailing did occur. (The Each day Dot couldn’t attain Reiko for remark.) 

As of but, although, no definitive proof exists. Esoteric himself printed a second video (which was additionally deleted) 5 days after his first one triggered such panic—and, on this one, he burdened there may be “no proof of the blackmail and different connections.”

Waseru additionally denies the allegation. “No, none of us have blackmailed anybody, that’s fucked,” Waseru advised the Each day Dot. “Have you ever seen individuals with ‘Reiko’ drawn on them? All of them are Reiko’s followers/mates.”

When reached for remark about potential blackmailing and coercion occurring on its service, Discord advised the Each day Dot it prohibits harassing conduct:

“Discord has a Phrases of Service (ToS) and Neighborhood Tips that we ask all of our communities and customers to stick to. These particularly prohibit harassment, threatening messages, calls to violence or any criminal activity. Although we don’t learn individuals’s personal messages, we do examine and take fast motion towards any reported ToS violation by a server or consumer. We’ll proceed to be aggressive to make sure that Discord exists for the group we got down to assist—avid gamers.”


Reflecting a bigger drawback

Some /r9k/ users allege the site is being overrun by "traps."


Over at /r9k/, customers are known as “robots,” and most are stereotypically depicted as white, lonely, socially awkward males. It’s laborious to know if that’s fully true. 4chan’s commercial part claims the location consists of roughly 70 % males and 30 % girls, however no particular breakdowns are given in regards to the website’s particular person imageboards, nor are there stats on what number of customers are queer or transgender.

Robots appear to have two contrasting views on “traps.” On the one hand, some completely love “entice” posts, celebrating erotic art work that includes crossdressing anime characters and trans girls—virtually to the purpose of fetishization. In the meantime, different customers make disparaging feedback about them, largely by concentrating on trans girls on HRT, as if they’re threatened by the concept anybody would wish to be extra female, not to mention have their physique align with their gender identification.

For instance, in one thread, a poster shared an erotic drawing and requested “Is that this what having a entice gf is like?” just for one other robotic to argue “most traps are mentally unstable on account of hormone imbalance from HRT.”

4chan users on /r9k/ believe there is a "psyop" attempting to convince users to take HRT.


You might say this anger over “entice threads” is partially anchored in an older beef over territory. Whereas speaking to the Each day Dot, support_annie alleged customers from 4chan’s /lgbt/ part flooded /r9k/ final winter and commenced posting NSFW content material. This, he mentioned, is as a result of /lgbt/ is a “blue board,” or safe-for-work, whereas /r9k/ permits grownup content material. As soon as robots each inside and outdoors the Discord group engaged in “entice shilling,” he claimed, /r9k/ customers grew more and more upset.

“[I]magine Chinese language water torture, however with traps and HRT and different faggy shit, continuously in your face if you refresh the web page searching for a thread to be in,” one robotic on Kiwi Farms wrote. “This isn’t some shit to fuck round with. You don’t simply take management in a single day. You make some noise for consideration, after which maintain hitting and hitting and hitting, and also you WILL break individuals down.”

However, as this put up clearly reveals, customers’ territorial combating is mired in transphobia and hate speech. In that method, what is occurring on 4chan and Discord seems like a mirrored image of society at massive. Fears round gender transitioning have turned transgender youngsters right into a controversial subject, as journalists like New York Journal’s Jesse Singal and the Stranger’s Katie Herzog have warned in regards to the emergence of trans youngsters who “detransition.” It’s as if cisgender skeptics concern weak individuals—like youngsters or depressed males—will throw their lives away in the event that they experiment with their gender presentation or strive HRT.

Since robots don’t differentiate a lot between cisgender males crossdressing and transgender girls—and since the latter queers gender in a method that feels bizarre, murky, and troubling to many cisgender individuals—/r9k/ appears significantly troubled by transitioning. Robots have hyper-fixated on the declare that customers are being coerced into taking HRT, tapping into our societal fears that “troubled boys” will simply immediately change genders, and that boys should be mentally deranged in the event that they do.  

Total, ingrained misogyny and misinformation about trans individuals in Western tradition solely add to this knee-jerk response of “condemning what we don’t perceive.” Even in Esoteric’s second video, he admitted that he “personally [does] suppose the trans stuff is unsuitable,” which is fairly apparent based mostly on the hateful, antagonistic language utilized in his first video.

“There are some disgusting, deranged gay perverts on the market, the likes of which you in all probability can’t think about, doing probably the most insane issues to try to additional themselves,” Esoteric mentioned in his first video. “No matter whether or not the blackmail stuff is true or not, all of these things is past the pale, it’s horrific.”




This a lot is evident: Forcing somebody to take HRT, even when they do have gender dysphoria, is certainly horrific. So is blackmail and doxing. However there’s little proof that means a “entice Discord” made a simple, strategic effort to systematically power /r9k/ customers to take HRT. There’s proof, nonetheless, that individuals on /r9k/ suppose that transitioning is a joke.

Regardless of this, “entice threads” aren’t inherently all dangerous—particularly when customers create them to share data, not manipulated data. If threads are serving to customers take into account transitioning, that simply means a few of /r9k/’s userbase is already experiencing gender dysphoria and different customers wish to assist them work by means of it.

We will, although, put a tough cease to the time period “entice.” It solely encourages the poisonous, bigoted beliefs that fueled the “entice Discord” conspiracy principle within the first place.

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