The fourth season of Worry the Strolling Lifeless premiered this week with what I assumed was a very good episode that exhibits an unlimited quantity of potential for a a lot better collection going ahead with Garret Dillahunt, Maggie Grace and, ultimately, Jenna Elfman.

We’ll have extra on the premiere episode quickly, however for now, we wish to rapidly eliminate a preferred fan idea that has gained some steam in the previous couple of months: That Madison Clark is Alpha, a member of The Whisperers from Robert Kirkman’s The Strolling Lifeless graphic novels. The ending of the season premiere actually set the Clark household (together with Strand and Luciana) up as antagonists to the latest members of Worry the Strolling Lifeless, however there’s little indication that they’re taking part in The Whisperers, a bunch that disguises itself by carrying the pores and skin of zombies.

Granted, The Whisperers are launched in The Strolling Lifeless comics by ambushing members of The Hilltop, however other than the ambush, the similarities cease there outdoors of what I believe may have been a slight nod to the fan idea by having Alicia disguise herself behind her hair till Althea approaches her. Apart from that, the character of Madison bears no resemblance to Alpha within the comics and it’s unlikely that issues have modified that a lot within the time leap. It will betray that character if she have been depicted just like Alpha, who’s remorseless and uncaring, the type of mom who would enable others to abuse her daughter.

Madison could have her issues, however lack of affection for her youngsters isn’t one in every of them (actually, the most important criticism about Madison by the primary three seasons was how a lot she smothered her youngsters).

That isn’t to say that The Whisperers won’t make an look in Worry the Strolling Lifeless. It’s clear from the trailers that the Clark household has taken up residence in a baseball stadium, and viewers can naturally anticipate that an outdoor group may wish to take it over. That outdoors group could also be The Whisperers or the same group based mostly on The Whisperers. It’s additionally doable that the Worry characters ultimately evolve into The Whisperers and confront the characters on The Strolling Lifeless in subsequent seasons, however that doesn’t observe with what we learn about Morgan or the brand new character performed by Garret Dillahunt, in order that they must be faraway from the collection earlier than that would occur.

Apart from, Robert Kirkman has already dominated out Madison as Alpha, kind of, telling attendees of a Walker Stalker Cruise that Madison is “not Alpha, however perhaps I’m mendacity, I’ve achieved that earlier than.”

In the meanwhile, nonetheless, I believe it’s protected to say that she is certainly not and that it might take one thing pretty drastic — just like the demise of her youngsters — for her character to take a flip that sharp.

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