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Lengthy-overdue comedy sequels all the time have an air of desperation about them. You image an addict on a nook begging, “C’mon, man, I’ll do ‘All proper meow’ for 10 bucks!” Or an aggravated musician desperately attempting to maneuver on whereas the live performance viewers shrieks “Play bear f*cker!”

Within the case of Damaged Lizard, it appears extra just like the latter, the demand for repetition coming extra from the viewers than the performers. After Tremendous Troopers grew to become a cult favourite, the Colgate College sketch comedy group reunited for Membership Dread, Beerfest, and The Slammin’ Salmon, to more and more diminishing returns. But whilst their new stuff fizzled, the web wouldn’t let go of Tremendous Troopers. From 2009 up till a couple of 12 months in the past, all one needed to do was put “Tremendous Troopers” and “sequel” in a headline, irrespective of how skinny the justification (“Steve Lemme muttered one thing that sounded distinctly like ‘sequel’ by means of a mouthful of burrito!”), and it could robotically be your most-trafficked publish that month. So clearly did it reveal a built-in viewers (“built-in viewers” being the magic phrases for any studio exec), Tremendous Troopers 2 was faux information that inevitably grew to become actual.

All of which is to say that I didn’t count on a lot from Tremendous Troopers 2. We are inclined to view the unique (which I watched as a lot as anybody) by means of rose-tinted glasses. It has a wonderfully executed opening sequence (“You are freakin out, man”) adopted by a hit-and-miss patchwork. It was largely panned (30-odd p.c on RottenTomatoes). And but, as Roger Ebert wrote, precisely, “it’s the sort of film that makes you wish to prefer it.” It proved that you simply don’t must be good to be memorable.

For concerning the first half hour of the sequel, I used to be shocked at how effectively it was working. For no matter cult standing they’ve achieved and for as many occasions as they’ve tried to recapture the magic, Damaged Lizard was by no means fairly mainstream. These days now we have loads of hip comedy, now we have loads of area of interest comedy, now we have loads of awkward comedy, and now we have loads of comedy that makes an attempt to be good and insightful. As all the time, now we have loads of comedy about LA and Brooklyn (blame market forces, there are solely so many locations a comic can go to become profitable). We even have comedy that allegedly makes an attempt to serve the Trump voter. What we don’t have is loads of proudly dumb, decidedly unhip comedy. Damaged Lizard doesn’t match simply into many bins. Ageing frat dudes who love puns? And what number of different persons are making comedy about Vermont?

Damaged Lizard’s inherent strangeness at first makes Tremendous Troopers 2 really feel downright refreshing. They appear to goal for a Beavis and Butt-Head-esque “heh heh” response that doesn’t ask an excessive amount of of the viewer. And dammit, I’ve missed dumb comedy. There’s a definite distinction between well-done dumb comedy and dangerous comedy that makes you are feeling dumber, and Damaged Lizard appear to have an honest grasp of what that’s.

Tremendous Troopers 2 has one other impressed opening sequence that I received’t spoil, which at first makes you marvel in the event that they’ve misplaced their minds, however goes so far excessive that it comes again round to being good once more. After that, the movie settles into extra of what we acknowledge as Damaged Lizard’s shtick, however their shtick is uncommon sufficient it’s nonetheless compelling. Their comedy lives on a stage of manic quippiness and fixed puns that lands it proper on the road between grating and humorous. What makes it work (when it does work, like for many of the first hour of the film) is that they appear aware of it. To know oneself is divine; in comedy it’s obligatory. Tremendous Troopers 2 is broad and hammy, like loads of comedy, however in contrast to rather a lot, it makes little pretense to realism. It’s proud dad humor. It pokes you within the ribs sufficient occasions that the obnoxiousness ultimately takes on a bizarre allure.

That is most clearly personified within the character of Rod Farva, performed by Kevin Heffernan. Farva is the man who has a handy guide a rough comeback for all the things and it all the time sucks, who ruins each joke by taking it too far, and is so lewd throughout inappropriate conditions that it makes you replicate by yourself lewdness. He’s Damaged Lizard’s id (and Heffernan most likely essentially the most succesful actor of the bunch). I assumed for certain they’d Homer Simpson him — tax a personality’s potential for straightforward jokes to the purpose that he turns into far too dumb and bizarre to be humorous — however a minimum of when it comes to whole chortle quantity, sequel Farva surpasses authentic Farva. A bit involving him swallowing M&Ms complete, in addition to a pair others, had me laughing lengthy and laborious sufficient that I felt self-conscious about it.

The movie even appears to telegraph its emotions about callbacks. At one level, Farva factors to a ram’s head on the wall of their new workplace after which to himself and says, to Jay Chandrasekhar’s Ramathorn, “Hey, Thorny, Ram — Rod, get it?”

“Ugh, give it a relaxation,” Thorny says.

It looks like the right technique to tackle an viewers’s perceived demand that they repeat jokes.

After which… about two-thirds of the way in which into the film it turns into precisely the film you’d count on, repeating the identical jokes (they even deliver again Jim Gaffigan’s character, “man the gang says ‘meow’ to”) and dealing laborious to resolve a plot we by no means actually cared about. The format of the sequel is nearly an identical to the unique — the gang has to resolve a criminal offense earlier than a rival police pressure, with the assistance of a sexpot who could also be a double agent. On this case the rival police are Canadian Mounties (the city is in disputed territory which will return to the US, you see) led by Will Sasso, a wildly underrated comedic actor who possibly shouldn’t be enjoying French right here. The sexpot is performed by Emmanuelle Chiriqui, who additionally leans laborious on a French accent for comedy.

That they repeat the story is okay, initially, however Tremendous Troopers 2 solely attracts consideration to it by repeating and referencing the identical jokes. You’ll be able to repeat a setup, not a punchline. Even past the repetition, the movie usually unravels. There’s a bit about Ramathorn taking sexual enhancement drugs meant for girls that might’ve been nice as a one-off, however turns into a operating gag that turns right into a lame women-be-shopping bit.

Tremendous Troopers 2 goes out with a shrug, not practically as sturdy because it started. However the identical is true for the unique. Judging it’s like scoring a combat, the place you don’t know find out how to weigh the early rounds towards the later ones. As an entire, it’s middling. As a film to look at on cable or at a celebration the place you’ll be able to get pleasure from barely distracted and skip the dangerous components… it’s tremendous.

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