Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning British monarch, and continues to be very lively in her public function. She is The Queen of The UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and Head of The Commonwealth.

Who’s the Queen, how previous is she, when is her birthday, what’s her surname, how tall is she, what college did she attend, the place was she born and what’s her background?

The Queen is the reigning head of state within the UK. She’s 91 years previous and was born on April 21, 1926. As custom dictates, The Queen doesn’t want to make use of a surname and her full title is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. She was born of the home Windsor and subsequently might use this as her surname if she selected to. The Queen is 1.63 metres tall. She was educated historically at house by tutors. Queen Elizabeth II was born in Mayfair, London, to the Duke and Duchess of York, who later grew to become King George VI and Queen Elizabeth after Edward VIII abdicated the throne.

Why is the Queen well-known and what’s her occupation?

The Queen is legendary for being the Sovereign of The UK. She is the pinnacle of state, enterprise state duties and is the ‘Head of Nation’.

When was Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, how previous was she when she grew to become Queen

Elizabeth II grew to become Queen at age 25, upon her father’s loss of life. Her coronation befell on  June 2, 1953.


What’s the Queen’s internet price?

Forbes estimated the Queen’s internet price to be £415milion in 2016, whereas the royal household as an entire is reportedly price $88 billion.

How a lot does the Queen earn?

The Royal’s official annual accounts present the Queen’s 2017 earnings as £76 million.

What number of youngsters did Queen Victoria have?

Queen Victoria had 9 youngsters; 4 princes and 5 princesses.


Why does the Queen have two birthdays, the place was she born?

She has two birthdays; one to mark her precise date of delivery after which a second official birthday of the monarch, a practice going again to 1748. It varies every year, normally falling on the primary Saturday in Might. The time of 12 months is chosen due to the higher climate for out of doors celebrations resembling Trooping the Color. She was born at 17 Bruton Road, Mayfair, London, the house of her maternal grandparents.

What occurs when the Queen dies, when did Queen Victoria die, is the Queen sick, how previous was Queen Victoria when she died?

She continues to be alive and really lively in her public duties. Within the occasion of her loss of life, the Prime Minister will probably be knowledgeable, earlier than different political leaders around the globe. An indication saying her loss of life will seem on the palace gates and union flags will fly at half mast. Newsreaders will costume in black fits and ties, and TV programming will probably be suspended as all channels default to information protection. There will probably be 10 days of mourning and her physique will lie in state earlier than a full state funeral. She will not be believed to be sick. Queen Victoria died on January 22, 1901, aged 81.

What does the Queen do, what’s her job?

She is the pinnacle of state, enterprise state duties such because the ceremonial Opening of Parliament. In 2015 she reportedly carried out 341 engagements, and is at the moment patron of over 900 charities.

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How lengthy did Queen Victoria reign for, who was her father, the place did she dwell, how previous was she when she grew to become the Queen?

Queen Victoria reigned for 63 years and 7 months. She was daughter of Prince Edward and have become Queen at simply 18. She was the primary monarch to dwell at Buckingham Palace.

What number of youngsters does the Queen have, what are their names, what are her grandchildren’s names?

The Queen has 4 youngsters, Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward. Her eight grandchildren are William, Zara, Peter, Harry, Eugenie, James, Beatrice and Louise.

Is she German, what languages can she communicate?

There’s German ancestry in her household tree however she will not be German. She speaks French in addition to English.

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What has she obtained to do with Brexit, what has she stated about Brexit, did she vote and marketing campaign for Brexit, does the Queen desire a arduous Brexit?

Conventionally, she doesn’t vote in political issues in order to stay neutral, however she reportedly commented at a personal lunch that she backed Brexit. The Queen’s speech on the Opening of Parliament in 2017 lined Brexit laws, particularly, supporting a tough Brexit, though the content material of this speech is all the time written by the federal government.

Is she married, who’s she married to, what does Prince Philip do, is Prince Philip sick?

She is married to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Philip is alive, however he retired from public duties in August 2017, aged 96.

What number of homes does she personal?

She owns six residences together with Buckingham Palace and Windsor Fortress.

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