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The hashtag #PitbullDropOff has been circulating the final couple of days, which claims that persons are euthanizing their pit bulls within the curiosity of public security, or discovering them on Craigslist and taking them to kill shelters. It’s yet one more hoax from 4chan.

A Could 13 publish on 4chan’s racist, homophobic, and misogynist/pol/ message board set out the parameters for this newest outrage marketing campaign. Whereas “naive pitmommies and varied different low IQ people” appear to be the goal right here, the thread is crammed with racial and homophobic slurs and ignorant concepts about pit bull possession.

A touch upon the unique publish, which urges posters to “escalate the hysteria,” says: “Find it irresistible. I might have likened it to brown violence although.”

pitbull dropoff 4chan hoax


As identified by Snopes and Reddit, the photographs accompanying most of the posts are simply reverse picture searched; many are years previous or from different web sites. Burner Twitter accounts are selling the hoax, and specializing in the stereotype of pit bulls as a violent breed. This photograph is from a 2011 publish on StubbyDog.

pitbull drop off twitter


The motivation for this stunt appears to be making folks look silly, however the 4chan thread is crammed with informal use of the N-word and feedback about girls (“pitmommies”) being emotionally irrational canine house owners. “Ladies are mind broken,” goes one remark. “Giving them rights was a mistake.”

This falls in keeping with different 4chan campaigns. Final month, it pushed the conspiracy concept that customers are being pressured into hormone alternative remedy; final summer season it furthered a hoax that Antifa Twitter accounts have been encouraging followers to punch white girls.

The hashtags #ShutDownPitbullDropOff and #StopPitbullDropOff have been created to counter the hoax, however it seems burner accounts have infiltrated these as properly.

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