The audio clip above — which appeared on Reddit final Sunday and went viral on Twitter Tuesday afternoon — has folks arguing prefer it’s the gown once more. Is that voice saying Yanny or Laurel? Technically, it’s in all probability each, however your ears, and your audio system, decide which you’ll hear. As with that gown [Ed. – which is blue and black, rattling it], there’s a scientific rationalization.

“Yanny” is in a better pitch than “Laurel,” so when you’re utilizing a speaker that doesn’t have nice bass, you’re in all probability listening to “Yanny.” Youthful individuals are additionally extra prone to hear “Yanny” as a result of our ears nonetheless decide up excessive frequencies simply. As folks age, they have an inclination to cease listening to the bottom and highest frequencies, however particularly the excessive ones. You’re additionally extra prone to hear “Yanny” when you’re listening at low quantity or from a distance, as a result of equal loudness curve. What you hear may even be affected by which phrase you count on to listen to.

Nonetheless, most individuals appear to be listening to “Laurel,” in accordance with Google Traits. [Ed. – These individuals are improper.] No matter what you hear, people on Twitter realized there are methods to listen to the opposite identify when you mess around with the audio:

Folks had sturdy emotions about it:

And a few heard different issues altogether:

Some obtained political

Some appeared on the intense aspect:

Whereas others have been prepared for all of it to be over.

And one artiste got here alongside to settle the matter.

(Hat tip to Reddit, Mashable, Buzzfeed, and The Verge)

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